this week, I have been mostly shooting…

… Family homes.

Working alongside leading local estate agents gives me a real buzz, especially when its a long standing one.  I want to form a long term friendly and open business relationship with all my clients and this has always worked well.
Agents are able to simply give me an address, a phone number and some vendor details and leave it with me.  They know that I’ll always deliver the goods and usually within a week.
This fast turnaround means vendors are never kept waiting long and can get their house listed on the internet within a few days.

Every shoot is different from the last, each room has a different light level and presents a real technical challenge.  Challenges of course are always accepted 🙂

Here is a regular family home, presented beautifully for the world to see.  If you were in the market for a home of this size, wouldn’t you like to view it?

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