Commercial Photography

Photographs and graphic images are used to advertise everything these days and the right image can make or break a product or indeed a company.

Any images your company uses also reflects on the company itself, so all your images need to be right, right?

I specialize in the housing industry  – and predominately with property, working alongside national and international housing developers, architects, builders, Hotels, B&Bs, AirBnB owners and estate agents.
I also produce magazine quality lifestyle interior images but can be commissioned for images of your premises, your workforce or your product range.
My mast photography service is ideal for head offices, public buildings, hotels, garden centres, golf courses and industrial sites to name a few.


My general stock and commercial photography works are marketed worldwide for me by – my images have been published and used all over the world in trade journals, educational books, national press and magazines, corporate brochures and websites, blogs and many more.

Perfect for
Hotels, B&Bs, Air BnB & self catering

Hotels, restaurants & pubs

Golf courses & leisure sites

Holiday parks & campsites

Religious & historical buildings

Corporate headquarters and offices

Factory sites and general industrial

So, I’ve been shooting professionally for over 13 years and I’ve had some great commissions, some not so great but which images do I choose to show the world? My favourite images? My clients favourite images? My most profitable images? The technically great images? The not exposed so well image but photoshop to the rescue images? The accidental images?
Here are a few sample case studies…


Case Study 1
A national gate manufacturer commissioned me to visit several installation sites and produce images for their upcoming brochure and website. When at each location the sun wasn’t at its best, but even if the conditions aren’t ideal – I can always re-book the shoot or, if conditions are ok but not great, I can shoot for photoshop and composite some better sky to make the final images more attractive… Can you guess which images have been doctored?


Case Study 2
An  international roofing company commissioned me to photograph their newest roof installations at various sites around the country. Their specialities were green roofs and solar installations so could I concentrate on those aspects. They re-commissioned me to visit further new installations at new schools and academies.


Case Study 3
A director of a chain of dental practices contacted me via facebook and thought my images could help her with her new company image and subsequent marketing campaigns.We chatted, booked a shoot and was on site all afternoon producing images of the building, the internals, surgeries and staff members.  An elevated shot of the practice was the icing on the cake. She later re-commissioned me to visit more of their practices throughout the East Midlands.


Case Study 4
An nationwide lab equipment company commissioned me to photograph a new installation at a chemical company in Alfreton – a job with just 6 minutes of travelling 🙂
They were looking for images to use on their upcoming new brochures, website and advertising campaigns in trade journals.  The brief was to showcase their newest range of laboratory spec cupboards, worktops , shelving and other fixtures.


As you can see – quite a diverse range of images… if you are looking for a fresh image for your company or your products, please contact me today on 07971 202313 and lets talk about how we can work together to give your company the images it deserves.