Historical Architecture

Photography of Cathedrals, Churches, Castles and other historical buildings.

Now, This.Really.Floats.My.Boat…

Anything about historical architecture, especially pre-1650 interests me.  Touring around Europe as a child, visiting the hugest cathedrals, chateaux and stately homes certainly sparked this passion, especially for Britain’s own Castles and Cathedrals.  I now tour the country when I can, revisiting these historic and iconic buildings – but this time with a better camera 🙂

Now, I’m not a particularly religious man, but I love the space that a Cathedral creates, I love the ambiance, the atmosphere, but most importantly to me – the engineering behind them and I simply marvel at how such amazing structures were built nearly 1000 years ago using many long lost traditional techniques and skills.

Sure, they’re awe inspiring spaces, but when you look closely, they’re crammed full of tiny details, patterns and shapes – light and shade add mood all over the place, not to mention carvings depicting long lost iconography and of course my personal favourite – green men!

Cemeteries too seem to strike a chord, maybe its the stonemasonry, maybe its the calmness, maybe its that statues don’t blink or look away just at the wrong moment! Either way, they’re fantasticly photogenic serene spaces.