The Shoot – a guide

Your property shoot…

Photographing a home is never as straight forward as it may initially seem.  Each shoot is different from the last, and each room presents its own technical challenges – windows, doors, light, no light.  Lets not forget of course, I’d prefer some sunshine for externals, and a flat overcast light for the internals!!

Most estate agent type shoots take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the size of your property.  Some furniture may need to be moved to make the rooms more photogenic or create a better image.  Rooms or your whole house can also if necessary, be staged with a professional house stager (this usually needs a separate appointment)…

To create the best results possible from your shoot, I always recommend the following:


  • De-clutter any surfaces and ensure worktops and cupboard doors are clean
  • Ensure all light bulbs work – including any under cupboard and extractor lights.
  • Ensure any pet related items are removed
  • If you have a fruit bowl, fill it with fresh fruit
  • Some fresh or dried flowers in a vase
  • Remove any fridge magnets

Living Space:

  • De-clutter – ornaments are fine, but no cluttered shelves with family portraits, the viewer needs to imagine your space but with their furniture
  • Ensure all bulbs work, including any table or floor lamps
  • Fresh or dried flowers in a vase, or a fruit / nut bowl always looks good
  • Prepare any open fires / stoves so they’re ready to light (rolled up newspaper works fine)


  • The bed does need to be made and any items under the bed will be visible
  • De-clutter any vanity units / bedside tables – No one wants to see makeup etc
  • Ensure all bulbs work, especially any bedside lamps
  • Remove any gowns from door hooks


  • De-personalise – No one wants to see your toothbrush, or toiletries
  • Remove any bath or toilet mats
  • Ensure all bulbs work, including mirror lights
  • Remove toilet rolls and toilet brush
  • Small potted plants always bring life to a bathroom

Gardens and outside

  • Remove any visible wheelie bins, especially from front / driveway
  • Outside space can be tricky over winter months – a good rule of thumb is to just make sure it doesn’t look neglected
  • Patio furniture looks better if out, maybe around a table etc

Click here to view the shoot guide (pdf format)

If you’re unsure about any details about your shoot, please give me a call on 07971 202313.