Property Photography – External images

Property externals – usually the lead shot when marketing so always best shot with some sunshine and blue skies.

There’s nothing more uplifting than a sunny day.  Images shot with sunshine feel warmer and more inviting, sunshine provides shadow, depth and generally lifts an image.
Sometimes though the British weather, being as unpredictable as it is, doesn’t lend itself to a beautiful external image – but that’s where my experience with Photoshop editing can help to transform a dull external image into a beautiful one…

Simply adding a bluer sky and boosting the shadow detail can transform an image…

It might not look much, but believe me everyone would feel better when looking at the blue sky image.  Its a subconscious thing – see a rainy day image and you’ll feel a little rainy yourself. Same goes for sunshine and blue skies!

Wouldn’t you rather see your property presented with external photographs that convey positive vibes instead of dull and drab ones?

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